Loss Control

A formal Loss Control Program has been essential for the success of TOIRMA. Loss control services are provided to members to assist in minimizing claims through loss prevention efforts and programs. Members are expected to be involved in loss control activities and are responsible for their performance. Members receive information, training, motivation, and feedback from TOIRMA with regard to their performance.

More information about the TOIRMA Loss Control Program can be found in the TOIRMA Program Manual after the seventh gold tab titled Loss Control.

If you have a specific question regarding loss control, please contact:

Sean Richardson
Loss Control Consultant 
Phone: (217) 444-1384
Fax: (217) 477-6884
Email: sean.richardson@ccmsi.com

Tyler Knight
Loss Control Representative
Phone: (217) 444-1387
Fax: (217) 477-6887
Email: tknight@ccmsi.com