Description of Loss Control

A formal Loss Control Program has been essential for the success of TOIRMA. Loss control services are provided to members to assist in minimizing claims through loss prevention efforts and programs. Members are expected to be involved in loss control activities and are responsible for their performance. Members receive information, training, motivation, and feedback from TOIRMA with regard to their performance.

More information about the TOIRMA Loss Control Program can be found in the TOIRMA Program Manual after the seventh gold tab titled Loss Control.

If you have a specific question regarding loss control, please contact:
  Sean Richardson,, 217.274-1907

  Tyler Knight,, 217.304-4482

TOIRMA has the following safety items available for your use:

The Look Before Backing dash decal has been used by TOIRMA for a number of years and has been updated several times.

The Highway Commissioner’s Diary was unveiled in 1993 to help reduce the likelihood and costs of claims by documenting weather conditions, inspections, road work, etc.

If You Can’t See My Mirrors – I Can’t See You dump bed stickers were introduced in March 1998.

Caution: Stay Back 50 Feet dump bed stickers joined the TOIRMA family in 2003 as part of TOIRMA’s continuing safety campaign.
Online Training: Web-based interactive training is available to Members and is good for newly elected or veteran officials, and employees, and is designed to help prevent injuries. Topics include: Back Safety; Bloodborne Pathogens; Driving & Vehicle Safety; Emergency Preparedness; Fork Lift Safety; Fundamentals of Ergonomics; General Safety & OSHA Compliance; Hazard Communication; Healthcare-General Safety; Lockout Tagout Safety; Machine Guarding; Office Ergonomics; OSHA Record Keeping; Respiratory Protection; Slips, Trips & Falls in the Workplace; and Written Job Descriptions.

If you need any of the above items, please contact our office at: 2174.444-1139 (Beth).