Description of Administrative/Underwriting

Administrative and underwriting support is provided to the TOIRMA Program. Daily calls include: auto/inland marine/property changes, certificate requests, and general coverage questions.

Along with daily calls, the administrative / underwriting team processes building evaluations, mailings, loss control correspondence, new members, payroll audits, prospect underwriting, and renewal packets and billings.

For administrative / underwriting questions, please contact:

Beth Eyrich,, 800 252.5059 ext. 1139

Debbie Prentice,, 800 252.5059 ext. 1204

Administrative/Underwriting Forms:

Change Form
(this is the form for “Make Changes to Your Coverage”)

TOIRMA Contact Update
(this is the form for “Change Your TOIRMA Contact Person”)

Rental Form
(this form should be placed under the “Administrative/Underwriting” section similar to the “Change Form” and “TOIRMA Contact Update”)